Anders Albinson

Swedish Mixed Media Master

I think I was one of the first in my hometown of Karlstad, a small Swedish city of just 50,000 people who at the age of 17 bought Vogue Paris and Achitectural Digest US . Unbelievable that there was a tobacco store that imported them.

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Mr. Albinson was educated as a building engineer but went on to study art history at the University of Stockholm in Sweden and Cambridge University in England. Returning back to Sweden, Anders started a photo studio. By sheer coincidence he bought a painting of the famous 18th century landscape painter, Carl-Johan Fahlcrantz imagining the Rosersberg Palace in Stockholm. It was in a terrible state though and he decided to restore it himself. He was soon offered a job as an art restorer.
Mr. Albinson worked with old master paintings and was assigned with the restoration of old building interior such as the Royal Opera House in Stockholm.
He restored the Oscar Björcks infamous paintings in the The Royal Opera Restaurant called Operakällaren that opened in 1895. The paintings were infamous because they were thought to be so pornographic that Swedish King, Oscar II had to intervene. Many famous restorations followed.

Mr. Albinson became an art dealer for 20 years dealing with art from different periods like the old masters , French Impressionists and Scandinavian Art that made him move to London mostly working with Christie’s Auctions & Private Sales.


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